Articles and Reviews

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ART(inter) NEW YORK: interviews and insights regarding art, "Keith Schweitzer of ART(inter) in conversation with New York-based artist Jayoung Yoon," July 27, 2016
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The Highlands Current, July 1, 2016, p.9, 11
review by Alison Rooney
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Stigmart VideoFocus Special Edition, Feb 2015 p.32-41
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'The interdisciplinary work of Jayoung Yoon', March 22. 2018 article by Robert Samartino,
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Hair as Ritual Embodied Practice, Feb 17, 2015
article by Angeli Sion
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The Paris Review, March 18, 2013
article by Alex Moore
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The Korea Times, March 19, 2010, Culture, p.C9
article by Won-Young Park
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Thereweretentigers.blogspot.com, Nov 4th, 2008
review by Alex Ebstein
Books and Catalogues

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Surface Design Journal, Winter 2017
Future Fabrication: SDA International Exhibition In Print
p.10 & p.34-37
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ICEVIEW magazine: A Journal of Literature and Art in Iceland, Volume 1, Summer 2017, p 21
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See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded, London: Black Dog Publishing, p. by Madeline Schwartzman
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Infinite Instances: Studies and images of Time, New York: Mark Batty Publisher, p.60-61 by Olga Ast
Fiber Art Now, “Excellence in Fibers”
Winter 2016/2017, Vol 6, p.25
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Textiel Plus, Number 235, Spring 2016 p.22-24
'Haar als materiaal' ('Hair as material')
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Wearable Matters catalog, 2016, p.48-49 by ntilit & Netta Sadovsky
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Weaving Time, New York: ALH Foundation Publishing, p.64
by Kyunghee Pyun,
Surface Design Journal, Summer 2014
"Emerging Voices" p.52-53
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ARTICULATE II: A limited edition art book, 2014
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Stone Voices Magazines, Fall 2013, Issue No.9, p.64-73
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Special Feature I: Art as Reading, Writing and Translating, In the Wake of 2013. Korea: Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale Organizing Committee. p.348-356
Show Me Your Hair. Seoul, Korea: Coreana Cosmetic Co., Ltd. Coreana Museum of Art, 2011. p.78-79
ARTVAS Magazine, Autumn Vol.12, p.20-21, 2010 “Harmony with the world of Art,” by Sunyoung Shim
Studio Visit: volume eleven. The Open Studio Press: Steven T. Zevitas, editor, 2010. p.170-171
Fiberarts Magazine, November/December, 2008,
"Student Showcase,” p.43
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