My work draws upon the mind-matter phenomenon, exploring our memory, perception and bodily sensations. I use human hair as my primary medium, a material that is intimately corporeal and tactile, focuses the viewer's attention on the body. Also, since hair doesn’t decay until long after death, it is an especially appropriate symbol of remembrance.

The tactile and delicate nature of the medium invites viewers to pay closer attention to the present moment. I create intricate sculptures by hand-knotting or weaving strands of hair, lending the wearable work an intimacy that envelops the viewer. I also weave hair into weightless sculptures and installations that move as the result of airflow in the room and respond to the viewer's movement, shifting their awareness of their surroundings and introducing subtle perceptions that are often taken for granted.

My art often incorporates the insubstantial strands of hair into semi-transparent sculptural forms representing thoughts and memories, which are frequently used in my video and performance works. These videos and performances are ritualistic meditation ceremonies, often involving long-term actions of endurance and silence. My head is shaved, representing a symbolic non-attachment to the material world, and I meditate with my back to the camera, detaching myself from my gender and personal identity. The immersive quality of the videos, in conjunction with my androgynous appearance, invites viewers to inhabit my body and experience the process of clearing the mind.