I use human hair as a primary medium to create two- and three-dimensional works, exploring themes of mindfulness, and interconnectedness. Human hair has the potential to embody both mind and matter. Since I weave and knot each strand of hair into structures that are mostly air, my sculptures become semi-transparent, resembling ineffable thoughts and memories. Hair evokes matter through its visceral, tactile quality, inviting the viewer to engage with the physicality of the present.

I created sculptures from woven hair— transforming it into semi-translucent balls, blankets, or long, tapered cylinders for thought streams fading into the ether. These works, sometimes extending from my body in videos or installed for interactive viewing, invite audiences on a journey through thoughts and beyond vanishing points.

Also, I've found that integrating hair, a tactile and delicate material, into my work invites people to pay attention to body sensations, and being present in the moment. I crafted the wearable hair sculpture to evoke a sense of intimacy and envelopment. At the same time, the nearly weightless sculptural installations, moving in space with the shifting airflow, encourage viewers to slow down, pause, and deepen their own awareness of the present moment.

With my 2D work, I create compositions featuring sacred geometric shapes and circles, incorporating repeated hair lines embedded within acrylic medium. I cultivate an awareness of oneness and interdependence through layered visual composition.

In my recent work, I draw inspiration from Buddhist philosophy, highlighting the interconnectedness and ever-changing nature of all phenomena. Through my art, I embark on a poetic exploration of form and emptiness, delving into the question of what emptiness truly signifies. To convey these ideas, I utilize shimmering veils meticulously crafted from human hair and other natural materials including feathers, Milkweed seed fiber, and horsehair. They evoke a sense of fragility, inviting viewers to reflect upon the transient nature of life. Moreover, by intricately interweaving and knotting different fiber materials over time, I hint at the underlying interdependence of all beings, symbolizing the interwoven fabric of existence.