I use human hair as a primary medium to create two- and three-dimensional works, exploring themes of mindfulness, and interconnectedness. Human hair has the potential to embody both mind and matter. Since I weave and knot each strand of hair into structures that are mostly air, my sculptures become semi-transparent, resembling ineffable thoughts and memories. Hair evokes matter through its visceral, tactile quality, inviting the viewer to engage with the physicality of the present.

In one sculptural series, I created semi-translucent clouds and rolled blankets from woven hair, wrapping them around thorn fragments to envision thought clouds and fragments of memory. In another piece, I wove hair to form long, tapered cylinders that represent my stream of thoughts gradually disappearing into another dimension. These works, which are sometimes connected to my head and ear in my videos or installed for interactive viewing, invite audiences on a journey through thoughts and beyond vanishing points. I've found that integrating hair, a tactile and delicate material, into my work invites people to be present moment. The nearly weightless sculptural installations move with the shifting airflow, encouraging viewers to slow down, pause, and deepen their own awareness of the moment.

With my wall based work, I create compositions featuring sacred geometric shapes and circles, incorporating repeated hair lines embedded within acrylic medium. I cultivate an awareness of oneness and interdependence through layered visual composition. In another series, I submerge a woven hair web in translucent wax, diffusing it within a frosted acrylic box. The web appears or disappears depending on the viewing angle, symbolizing the transient nature of thoughts surfacing between conscious and unconscious states.

More recently, I have been exploring Buddhist philosophy, emphasizing the interdependence and ever-changing nature of all phenomena. Using delicate materials like human hair, feathers, and Milkweed seed fiber, I create shimmering veils that evoke a sense of fragility, inviting viewers to reflect upon the transient nature of life. My intricate weaving and knotting symbolize the interconnected fabric of existence.